In The Media

Desert Woman's primary and continuing success has been based on word of mouth.  Our clients are our best ambassadors and we sincerely appreciate their unsolicited testimonials - both those directed to us and those to their friends and acquaintances singing the praises of our efforts and products.

While we're delighted with that kind of confidence and enthusiasm, we have also begun to come to the attention of some elements of the press.  These have mostly been small publications and newsletters but they have been on the increase and we are always amazed at how far and wide the word spreads from these articles.  Many new clients find their way to us via these publications.  If you are media outlet - large, small, indy, alternative, print, web or otherwise - and wish to contact us, please do!

We've included a assortment of articles from the last few years.  We hope you'll find them interesting, informative, and perhaps amusing as well.


Monica Rude

Silver City Daily Press - Silver City, NM's Oldest Daily Valentine's Day 2006

Desert Exposure - Silver City, NM's Events and Entertainment Monthly June 2005

Coop Connection News - La Montanita Coop Newsletter - Albuquerque, NM March 2005

Garbanzo Gazette - Silver City Coop Newsletter - Silver City, NM March/April 2005

Albuquerque Journal - Home & Garden 12 April 2002

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