Life Tea

Aptly named, as you can see...

Life Tea is high in minerals and energizing without caffeine for those who failed their bone density test.

Excellent for both men & women.  Life Tea can be used during & after chemotherapy & radiation treatments to minimize side effects & speed recovery.  Not recommended during pregnancy.

Life Tea's Ingredients & some of their historical uses:
Comfrey Peppermint Red
Horsetail Raspberry Oats Alfalfa Mallow Nettles

Comfrey Leaf: Protects lungs & skin, maintains strong skin & bones; rebuilds blood quickly; high in calcium, iron, protein; helps maintain normal reproductive & hormonal balance. Peppermint: Eases pain; supports normal liver & nervous system function; mineral-rich, especially calcium.
Red Clover: “The herb of immortality”...relieves symptoms of premature menopause; builds blood; removes toxins. Protects liver & lungs; Increases appetite. Helps maintain normal estrogen levels during menopause. Eases anxiety & symptoms of premature menopause. Promotes youthfulness. Horsetail: High in organic silica, useful for strengthening bones, hair, & nails; strengthens & regenerates connective tissue, for cystitis & prostatitis, eases inflammation of arthritis; is diuretic, cleanses mucus from urinary tract.
Raspberry Leaf: Uterine tonic & pelvis; calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins B, C, E. Nutritive. Oats: Gentle tonic for nerves, minerals.
Alfalfa Leaf: Rich in minerals, helps maintain normal cholesterol levels, makes a gentle estrogen substitute after menopause. Mallow Leaf: moisturizes & soothes inflamed tissues of the entire gastrointestinal, urinary, & respiratory tracts.
Nettles: Rebuilds adrenal glands & kidney, protects lungs & liver; rejuvenative; enhances normal immune function; promotes hair growth, builds blood (improved lab work in just a few days after taking daily); good complement with chemotherapy or after. Increases energy level in just a few days. High in iron & minerals.  Reduces histamine response during allergy season; can be used preventatively.

Use 1 tsp loose tea per cup
Drink 2-4 cups daily - Hot or cold.  1oz of loose tea makes about 30 cups


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