What’s New from the Gardens of Desert Woman?

Are your hands trashed from all that hand washing & alcohol sanitizer?

Desert Woman Cremes to the Rescue!

Creamy, moisturizing, healing; a comfort in challenging times...

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Wishing you good health and safety.

Monica Rude
Desert Woman

Fire Cider - Something Olde / Something New

Our most popular product for many years has been “Fire Cider”, an apple cider vinegar and honey-based tonic. It is a Hot, Sweet, Sour Experience used most frequently for winter season illness but also popular year-round as a mood lifter, mover of Chi, digestive aid, health tonic and more.

Fire Cider is a long-time traditional herbal remedy made and used by many folks and herbalists. It gained extra attention a few years ago when it was trademarked by a private company who sought to keep anyone else from using the name “Fire Cider”. This created a huge furor in the herbal community as we were being deprived of a common name for a common remedy. Years later after lawsuits and a trial, the trademark has recently been canceled and the name “Fire Cider” can be freely used by anyone.

Last, we know some of you have also come to love Campfire Cider, as we do.  Unfortunately it will no longer be available.

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Coincident with the Federal Court decision to free Fire Cider from trademark restriction, is the publication of a new book...

Fire Cider! 101 Zesty Recipes

for Health-Boosting Remedies made with Apple Cider Vinegar by Rosemary Gladstar and 75 herbalist contributors, including Desert Woman Monica Rude who has been bringing it to you since 1999! The book includes recipes for making Fire Cider and recipes for using it medicinally and in food. Visit...

storey.com to order.

Special thanks to The Fire Cider 3 & Rosemary Gladstar for spearheading the campaign to free Fire Cider from trademark & fighting the Good Fight. To learn the details of this important victory for the herbal community, visit...

Dear Friends,

It's Fire Cider Season and, yes, the Fire Cider is flowing!

Fire Cider!

We started making this traditional herbal remedy back in 1999 & it's more popular than ever. We grow our own Cayenne so it's always fresh & spicy. Effective & best-tasting – that's our goal.

Can't wait?  Fire Cider is "just a click away!"

And thank you for your patronage & support!

Best Wishes,
Monica Rude

This is one way to dry cayenne pepper.

Jeanie McLerie - drying cayenne

Cut off the stem, split down to the tip, remove seeds and ribs and let them dry in a sunny window. The rest of the seeds will drop off when dry. This way there is no mold inside. Wash the gloves and scissors in baking soda water. This method is for those who want the flavor without so much heat. For more heat, leave in the seeds. Store in an airtight container in a cool dark place. Use within a year.

Thanks to Jeanie McLerie for the photo

Desert Woman
specializes in capturing The Healing Energies of the SouthWest Desert & bottling it up for your benefit whether you live here in the desert or are far away in another climate.

Our herbal products are prepared with herbs in our sustainable garden, from other organic growers, or from ethically wildcrafted sources.

Our grain alcohol is certified organic. Our olive oil is certified organic and cold pressed. No ingredients are genetically engineered. The beeswax and honey comes from our local beekeeper. We take time and great care to prepare by hand and in small batches to insure quality and provide you with the finest herbal products.

Monica Rude / Desert Woman


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