Photo Gallery B

Calm Down Gila! - After The Big One of 2005

the great flood of 2005 at the 211 bridge on the gila river - 
                      note that the entire field behind the big tree in the middle is now, uh, the river

Getting back to normal a few days after The Great Flood of 2005
Heading west on the 211 bridge on the Gila River

same perspective as above but a little closer - this is the flood of the century, so far

A closer look - click the pics for before/after

this is the high point and the water is within about 5 feet of the roadbed - 
                      it's normally about 10 feet lower

Closer still - note that in the before pic,
all the foreground was under water

this is to the right of the picture above, normally a field - look closely in the middle 
                      and note the swamped mobile home and a big tractor in water up to the axle

The day after from the opposite end of the bridge...
slowly subsiding...

looking downstream - the channel is normally about 10 feet wide and just to the left of 
                      that big cottonwood - everything to the right is normally a field

Another angle from the day after...

another field on the opposite side of hwy 211 from the pic above - 
                      that small patch of green in the middle and slightly to the right is a high spot that 
                      indicates what the entire field looks like normally

...and a few days after that the sand bars reappear

The Bear - again, normally bone dry - heading to its confluence with the Gila, 
                      about a mile down

Remember the before pic?
Note the trailer in the distance behind the big tree

self portrait - monica rude and kyle johnson

How did that tree...

the bear is runnin! normally bone dry, bear creek is the accumulated drainage 
                      going back 30 miles or more - note that it's cutting into the far bank and spilling onto the road 
                      behind the barricade

...get there?

We went exploring downstream a few days later
to find Iron Bridge Road, uh, like this

back to the great flood photos

more desert woman photos

Springtime in Gila

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